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What Does Culturally Immersive Travel Look Like?

At Travec, our mission is to provide culturally immersive travel programs for families and adults. But what exactly do we mean by 'culturally immersive'? Essentially, we mean stepping off the typical tourist pathway to see life from a local's perspective. Here are a few ways we accomplish that:

1. Where You Stay

At Travec, we rarely book hotels or resorts unless there is a specific request or logistical reason. This approach allows us to situate our travelers in favorable neighborhoods with a mix of locals and tourists. Imagine walking to a nearby park and meeting families who live in the area or visiting a local café instead of a Starbucks near major hotels. In many of our locations, we also offer the option for travelers to participate in homestay experiences for part or all of their time. These homestays provide a firsthand view of daily life from your host family’s perspective and an opportunity for language immersion if you choose!

2. Identifying Cultural Significance

While we don't want your entire trip to be guided tours and bus rides, we recognize that some touristic activities are popular for good reason—they have significant impacts on the history and culture of a city or region. We ensure you don’t miss the "must-dos" in any city you visit and that you understand the cultural significance behind them. From historic landmarks to cultural festivals, we help you appreciate the essence of each destination.

3. Connecting with Locals

In each of our Signature Destinations, we employ a City Host who is either a native of the city or has resided there for a long time. Additionally, each traveler or family can be connected with our city friends—volunteers who enjoy showcasing their city and will welcome you as your first friends! By facilitating connections with locals, we open the door to unique experiences that you may not find elsewhere. Whether it’s a local cooking class, a neighborhood walk, or an impromptu soccer game in the park, these connections enrich your travel experience.

4. Exclusive Community Experiences

We create connections with communities to provide experiences you can’t find elsewhere. For example, in Quepos, we partner with a local bilingual school named El Puente. Children on our trips have the opportunity to participate in a few classes at the school, offering a firsthand experience of the differences between their school at home and school in Costa Rica. One of my favorite reactions is when the kids see the slip-and-slide come out for gym class at El Puente! Such unique experiences create lasting memories and deeper cultural understanding.

Traveling with Intention

A culturally immersive experience is all about traveling with intention. At Travec, we curate fun, unique, and eye-opening experiences for you and your family. By choosing culturally immersive travel, you’re not just visiting a new place—you’re living it, learning from it, and leaving with a deeper appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures. Let us help you step off the beaten path and into the heart of your destination. Your adventure awaits!

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